¿Que Pasa? March, 2021

Translations available:

Hello, I find myself once again writing this article a little bit late. A day before new year eve I lost my grandpa and somehow this has affected a little bit more than I thought. I’ve tried to write many times during that period, but I only found motivation to keep doing stuff at work and patch some drafts here and there on my backlog of unfinished rants, that’s the reason of lacking “¿Que Pasa?” on the last two months, althought that’s probably the first one in english.

That being said, this month I actually did finish some stuff. First, I provisioned a new Alpine Linux server and deployed Moodle on it for the Projeto Integrar - Project ‘Integrate’ (facebook page) and we’ve been discussing on how to improve the project forward while creating a more cohevise infrastructure.

I’ve also migrated my git forge from cgit to smithy, a tiny git forge written in Go. I’ve ended up sending a lot of patches to it. I still have some unfinished patches on my local git copy, but I’m lacking time to actually finish them up. I’ve also kept the percollate aur package up to date and on this packager world, I’ve submitted the satellite to the Alpine Linux aports. On other radars, I’ve fixed a bug on the her gem which happened whenever a sub-resource endpoint returned a 204 status code, although I don’t expect to receive any updates on this patch so soon.

I’ve also cleanup this blog, reworking from scratch (MIT) and adding some translations of my backlog of articles in english (like this one).

Basically this is it, I still hold some other news, but I’ll let them to their own future articles.

A xero1 and see you soon.

  1. Could be translated as ‘smell you later’ ↩︎