Pedro Lucas Porcellis

Pedro Lucas Porcellis

I write code to pay my bills. I do random stuff because I have too much chemicals on my brain. Sometimes I spit out some words on this blog.

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Protonmail and the false sense of privacy

I like e-mail as a means of communication, specially for three factors: (1) is built around open protocols (2) is, at a certain degree, universal and the foundation of having a identity online while being accessible and simple (3) it exists at least 50 years. With that being said, some necessities arise that weren’t given too much thought when it were created originally: the desire for privately communicate with others.

The wonders of Git Rebase

One of the tools I find more useful on git, and which I love the most is git-rebase(1). It works around the premise that originally bought git to control version systems: that you can and should rework your repository history, to make it more organized and readable. Around the world, each project stablish its one convention of how to work with git, some of them use techniques like git-flow, others, just a branch and tags, others divide between master/main and a production/release branch.

Regarding Reliable Software

I spend at least 8h of my day writing code, watching a text editor and some terminals. Thinking about data structures, thinking about how to efficiently store data, and how to teach my computer (or others) to do things that I don’t want to have to do manually, because the computer is more trustworthy than me at certain tasks. It can calculate faster, remember things for a longer period of time, it can talk to people faster than I would ever be able to, and I delegate many of these tasks to it.

¿Que Pasa? March, 2021

Hello, I find myself once again writing this article a little bit late. A day before new year eve I lost my grandpa and somehow this has affected a little bit more than I thought. I’ve tried to write many times during that period, but I only found motivation to keep doing stuff at work and patch some drafts here and there on my backlog of unfinished rants, that’s the reason of lacking “¿Que Pasa?

On Vegetarianism

In 2021 concluded one year that I have stopped eating meat. It has been a very interesting experience, bringing along nice reflections. At my family, meat was always really significative and present. To most people, having meat at the table is directly attached to the idea of having food, “having something to eat”. This idea is introjected unto our lives way before we born, and specially living at the South of Brazil, is expected that the act of eating meat as something daily 1.

Autonomy as a Programmer

One of the things I think matters more to any programmer - and to any other similar works - it’s the crafting and making use of one’s autonomy. To have autonomy is a immense valuable tool, specially considering that while programmers, one of our many facets is to act as a detective. It’s not rare to find ourself facing problems that demands a investigation work, dealing with legacy projects, reading documentation, crawling bug tickets, reading blogs, RFCs, papers, etc.