Why I Use Vim

Monday, January 6, 2020

Not so long ago I switched my editor of choice to vim. When I was snooping around searching a new editor I read a bunch of people saying how switching to vim improved their productivity, because they didn’t have to move to reach their mouse etc. That was not the reason I switched though.


So here I was, sitting in the front of my old notebook, in a dark and cloudy Saturday afternoon. I have decided to revive my old and dusty Lenovo G450, and successfully installed Arch with a LXQT environment on it. Installed the 5 applications I run the most: Sublime Text, Chrome, Spotify, Slack, a Terminal.


That was a fucking piece of crap. Whenever I open it and went to my email, it fucking frozen. I replace it with Firefox and it was still slow, but at least I could open some websites on it.


It was a Electron based app, so obviously it was slow. All I wanted was to listen to music on a computer, and somehow, they managed to fuck this up. I switched to use their web version, and It worked a little better.


The lxqt terminal crashed sometimes, so I switched to urxvt. Had no problems with it for a good time.


All company communication that I work is done on slack. They too have a fucking web page disguised as a “native” app. Which is SO FUCKING SLOW. God, I could not even understand how they managed to actually do that. I could not believe. To me is the “playboy” platform for communication, and so it’s the app.

I switched to the web version and still to this day, It fucking freeze sometimes. It is currently, the only tab on my browser that makes Firefox complain about some tab being slow.

Sublime Text

So, I have been using Sublime since 2012 I guess. I always liked because It run smoothly on my previous computer, and It was cross-platform. The pop-up message actually didn’t bother me much, and I grow accustomed to their Fuzzy Finder. Over the years, I tried to switch to other hyped editors, like Atom and more recently Code. But all of them were too slow.

So there was I, all applications I could open at the same time were Sublime Text and Firefox. And they barely run smoothly together. So one day I was editing some configuration on a server, and was using Vim. And I realized, that I all a Editor should do, it’s open a file, and whenever I type a letter on my keyboard, it should draw on the fucking screen. That’s all. All other things are just bullshit. They’re nice if they work well and stay out of my way, but otherwise, just fucking leave me with the editor.

So I switched to vim. And I simple worked. I had spell checking, line numbers, jump to line, search and replace, all the good stuff. Working. Across environments. On the basic setup. And I could customize all stuff I wanted. And a bunch of shortcuts to help me move fast and do stuff fast. That’s all a application should do. Specially a editor.

That’s why I hate when someone invites me to try to use Code. I don’t want a shitty web page to edit a fucking word on a file. To open a simple 60 bytes file it costs 200MB of memory1. How have we come to this point?


I switched to vim, reinstalled Arch with i3 on a new Thinkpad I bought, and been pretty happy lately. It took some time to get used with the key binds, but it’s almost second nature now. Also, that makes me realize how software developers, don’t really care anymore to performance, and “forget” that not everybody have a Macbook Pro, or the latest hardware2. Specially on the capitalism periphery3. Ya know those other countries outside of US, EU, etc. like the one I live. They don’t empathize with users anymore, forget that these days, a lot of people can’t afford high-end computers and specially on other countries, it’s actually the norm to use low-end hardware. They all deserve to use slack, or whatever music streaming platform that it’s on the hype. But I’ll leave this to another article.

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