Status Update, December 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

This will be a mix of these last two months.

I’ve made some decent progress on the new app and it’s so lightweight. For now, it’s a there’s no javascript, uses correct semantic html and there’s a tiny css file (70 LOC). It’s been my main focus for now.

In other small stuff, I’ve been wanting to go back to work on t. There’s a lot of things to work more into and having a bunch of small features I want to implement. In fact, t is pretty fucking simple, I just need a little of time to work more on it. I’m setting myself a deadline of a 1.0.0 implementation of t at the end of January, but we’ll see…

I’ve been terribly excited to keep improving my notebook, that’s definitely the best thing I’ve purchased on the last 4 years. Also having a fully custom made OS which is completely FLOSS makes me wanna code and work on FLOSS projects more. I’ve been purely adding stuff to the computer as I need instead of having them ready because one day I might need.

Outside the computer world, I’ve received my last 4 rolls of ProImage and GOD DAMN, this film is amazing. I always thought that as it was a cheap film, it was probably a very shitty quality but I was completely wrong. I’m still on the process of organizing as I do not own any external HD and I do not want to put those images on My long term idea is to make some secure copy of those files and if I need, self host them somehow. I’ve been experimenting with Darktable as an alternative to Lightroom and it’s been a good pick.

That’s all the updates I have for now. It’s on my todo list1 to write some rants about software management and low tech web. I’ll try to keep this place update. Thank you.


  1. I’m wanting to find a good self hosted and simple alternative to [return]
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